Unko Museum: A Kawaii Poop Museum To Visit in Tokyo, Japan

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This is a neon sign that says poop in various languages. It's one of the highlights of visiting the Unko Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

We’re on the quest to find everything kawaii (also known as “extremely cute” in Japanese) during our trips to Tokyo, Japan. One place that needs to be on your list is the Unko Museum.

You heard right – Unko Museum, also known as the “Poop Museum.” A museum is a bit of an understatement. It’s more of a fun and interactive pop-up exhibit with super adorable and colorful poop decor everywhere. There are plenty of photo opportunities here (perfect for Instagram). Plus, this museum is kid-friendly and great for all ages, even 30-something-year olds like us! 

We loved our experience here and wanted to share with you this Unko Museum guide. It has everything that you need to know about this place so you’ll be ready for your visit. It’s easy to get here as it’s located in Diver City Tokyo Plaza Mall in Odaiba. You’ll need a minimum of 1.5 hours to fully explore the exhibits. 

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How Long has the Unko Museum been open?

It used to be a pop-up exhibit in Yokohama with limited release from March 15 to September 9, 2019. Since August 9, 2019, they’ve been in Tokyo. Due to its popularity, the museum also went international as there was a short release in Shanghai from October 19, 2019 – January 3, 2020.

How to Get to the Unko Museum

Located in the Odaiba area, the closest subway station is Tokyo Teleport Station off of the Rinkai line. It’ll take about 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station. The museum is on the second level of the Diver City Tokyo Plaza.

Since you’re in Odaiba, feel free see the giant Gundam statue outside of the Diver City Tokyo Plaza. You can also pair this museum visit with the popular teamLab Borderless at the nearby Palette Town building (near the Ferris wheel). The teamLab Borderless exhibit is also fascinating to visit which we’ll write about soon. 

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Unko Museum Admission Cost

Pre-purchase Tickets

It’s cheaper to purchase tickets ahead of time, which you can do online. The cost is 1600 yen ($14.60 USD) for adults, 900 yen ($8.20 USD) for children (elementary school students), and free for anyone else younger.

We tried to purchase tickets on the official website. However, it was in Japanese and we didn’t know if we needed to have a Japanese-issued credit card. 

Luckily, there is an English website that is specifically for foreigners. Choose your day and your 1 hour window time of arrival. The cost is for 1760 yen ($16 USD) for adults and 990 yen ($9 USD) for children. There is a 10% handling charge included in the price. An email confirmation will be sent which includes a QR code. The code will get scanned when you enter the museum. 

The tickets are single-entry. 

Same-Day Ticket Purchases

If purchasing on the same day, the cost is 1800 yen ($16.50 USD) for adults, 1000 yen ($9.14 USD) for children, and free for those who are younger. We went on a Tuesday morning and saw that there was a 200 yen ($1.80 USD) discount for same-day ticket purchases. You can also check their Twitter account (written in Japanese) to see if there is availability for the day.

Unko Museum Layout

This place isn’t large, so we can imagine this place getting crowded on the weekends. There are three main areas (Unstagenic, Unteractive, Untelligence) with smaller rooms of exhibits. There isn’t any direction that you need to follow so feel free to go into the various rooms whenever they are open. 

You’ll enter one way and exit at the souvenir shop. Before you enter the museum, you’ll be given instructions about the museum (in Japanese). There will be a handout with English translation. One thing to note is that there isn’t a bathroom inside the museum. 

What to See at the Unko Museum

Unstagenic Area

1. My Poop Maker at the Entrance

When you enter the museum, you’re greeted by a cheerful worker who welcomes you to the museum (in Japanese). He/she separates the visitors into two groups. Each group sits on a colorful line of pastel-colored toilets. Once the countdown begins, everyone gives it their all on the toilet and defecates a cute unko. 

The best part is that you get to keep the unko during your adventures at the museum. I received a golden one while Justin received a bright orange one.

As you exit to the museum, the attendant will put a stick into the bottom of your unko for easier carrying. 

Colorful toilet bowls at Tokyo's Unko Museum. A worker providers instructions about how to make your own unko (poop in Japanese).

Which toilet do you want to use at the Unko Museum?

2. Poop Volcano

You can’t miss this as there is a giant turd in the middle of the room. Plus, it’s a ball (poop) pit area so it’s great for young children!

3. Flying Poop

What can you say about floating unko suspended from the ceiling?! It’s too cute! This is one of the best spots for Instagram shots. 

Jackie Szeto from Life Of Doing poses with the colorful poop floating from the ceiling, ground, and on the walls. This is a great spot for taking photos at the Unko Museum in Tokyo.

4. Neon Poop Sign

We loved this neon glowing sign! It translates poop to various languages. 

A few of the workers float around the area so they can help with taking photos, especially if you’re a solo traveler. We had one of the workers help us take a couple’s photo. 

5. Poop Market

It’s a faux-convenient store where you can buy some souvenir items. We found the whole concept funny with the unko chips, onigiri, and soda.

The Unko Museum has a fake convenient store selling Unko products such as soda, water, rice balls, ramen, and chips.

6. Princess of Poop

Let’s have a tea party in a very pink room and eat a gorgeous three-layer cake and cupcakes. The golden turd on top of the cake provides a nice touch. 

Jackie Szeto from Life Of Doing sits at a table ready for a tea party. There are tea cups, a poop-inspired three tier cake, and cupcakes.

7. Lovers’ Poop Room

Who knew going to the bathroom would be so romantic?!

Justin Huynh and Jackie Szeto, from Life Of Doing, sit on a colorful toilet while holding their poop toy and smiling in the Unko Museum's Lover's Poop Room.

Yes, we sure are happy in this room!

8. Unko Lights

This small room has 56 unko lights on the walls. They glow different colors when you add your unko toy to the podium. Since the room was dark, it was hard to take a photo of this room. 

Unteractive Area

1. Crappy Arcade Games

The center of the museum has 7 arcade games for you to play. You can practice your aiming skills or play a two-player game to destroy the Poop monster. Game instructions are in Japanese and we can’t read it. We ended up pressing buttons to determine how to play the games. 

Across the arcade is an opportunity for you to practice your catching skills. You get to catch a falling poop stress ball. It’s much harder than it seems as you have to focus on the TV screen. We tried this game 6 times and had a 10% successful grab rate. 

Jackie Szeto, from Life Of Doing, smiles next to a finished arcade game at the Unko Museum's Crappy Arcade area in Tokyo, Japan.

It was Justin versus Jackie for this crappy arcade game.

2. Scream “UNKO”

“UNKOOOOOO!” We kept on hearing this when playing our games and were intrigued!  

This exhibit tests your yelling/shouting potential. There is a microphone for you to shout, “UNKO!” Afterward, the screen shows how tall of a poop you created. The louder you shout, the taller the poop mass. It’s hilarious to hear children and adults shouting. 

We had to partake in this exercise. Justin is the ultimate poop yeller with a poop 688 meters (2,257 feet) high while I yelled a dinky 10 meters (32 feet) high.   

Untelligence Area

1. Create your Poop Masterpiece

It’s time to get creative and show off your poop masterpiece! There is an entire wall of toilet bowls with mini whiteboards underneath. Take a marker and draw your personal unko. 

2. Poop Merchandise Around the World

We’re fascinated at how many toilet-inspired toys there are around the world! Since the signs are in Japanese, there is an English translation available next to the exhibit. However, you can identify the location of where the products are from with the country’s flags. 

The Unko Museum has various poop toys and memorability from around the world.

This photo only captures a highlight of the various toys around the world. There are more to see!

As You Exit

1. Unberto’s Room

Unberto is the Unko Museum’s guardian angel. He sits on the toilet (aka the “spiritual poop power spot”). This is the last stop before getting flushed down the toilet. You’ll end up walking through a poop-lit hallway before arriving at the souvenir shop. (It has a teamLab Borderless’s Forest of Resonating Lamps feel with the dim lights.) 

Jackie Szeto and Justin Huynh of Life Of Doing poses with an inflatable Unberto, the mascot of the Unko Museum.

2. Souvenir Shop

Once you arrive at the souvenir shop/exiting the museum, you’re surprised with a bag to take your colorful poop back home. What an awesome souvenir! 

The shop has more cute merchandise to purchase such as hats, cookies, t-shirts, and Unberto stuffed animals. 

During our visit, the souvenir shop offered a free box of cookies for liking Unko Museum and making a post on Instagram. Not sure if they still have this opportunity, but we took it and posted on our personal Instagram. The cookies were adorable as each cookie had a one of a kind photo of Unberto on the toilet. We were surprised that they tasted good too. 

Is the Unko Museum Worth the Visit? 

Yes! We had so much fun at this place and kept on laughing as we migrated through all the rooms. From the decor to the exhibits, it was such a fun experience. Plus, you get to keep your poop as a souvenir. 

Don’t hesitate. Go to this Unko Museum before the limited release ends!

Jackie Szeto from Life Of Doing holds her unko toy as she exits Tokyo's Unko Museum with the glowing poop lights.

What a magical way to end our experience at the Unko Museum.

Unko Museum Facts

Address: Diver City Tokyo Plaza, Second floor (1 Chome-1-10 Aomi, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0064, Japan)

Hours: 10am to 9:00pm (Last admission at 8:00pm)

Official Website (English): https://www.unkomuseum.com 

Purchase Tickets (English site): https://ib.eplus.jp/index.php?dispatch=tour_group.view&slug=unkomuseum_tokyo

Credit Cards: Accepted if purchasing tickets online.

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Genevieve February 12, 2020 - 6:34 am

Goodness me; only the Japanese could do this in such taste and fun.

Jackie February 12, 2020 - 9:39 am

Genevieve – Right?!?! It’s what we love about Japan! The Unko Museum is crazy and super cute at the same time.


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