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by Jackie
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We're enjoying our time sitting on a large rock at Hidden Canyon in Bali.

We’re huge fans of going on adventures during our travels, especially when exploring Bali, Indonesia. One place that needs to be on your Bali itinerary is Hidden Canyon (also referred to as Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang).

Located in the southeast area of Guwang, Sukawati, Hidden Canyon provides an exhilarating adventure to go canyoning in the jungle. Although you’re not rappelling down the canyon similar to what you can do in Dalat, Vietnam, it’s equally as fun to get your adrenaline fix walking through the rushing waters and climbing onto huge boulders. 

In this guide, we’re sharing with you what you need to know about visiting Hidden Canyon, such as admission cost, how to get there, and including our experiences about this place.

Hidden Canyon is still considered a non-touristy place, so visit this place as soon as possible before it gets too popular in the future. 

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Who Should Visit Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang?

Hidden Canyon is available for all tourists and visitors, including children. The adventure may be strenuous, so we recommend that you need to be physically active in order to withstand the waters and to rock climb. Otherwise, come to Hidden Canyon to enjoy the unique landscapes!

Justin Huynh and Jackie Szeto, Life Of Doing, sit on the edge of the natural rock formations at Hidden Canyon in Bali.

Hidden Canyon is gorgeous!

How to Get to Hidden Canyon 

Depending on the location of your Bali accommodation, you’ll need to head to Sukawati which is northeast of Denpasar.

From the Ngurah Rai International Airport to Hidden Canyon, it’ll take one hour to travel 29 kilometers (18 miles).

From Ubud to Hidden Canyon, it’ll take between 30-40 minutes to go 15 kilometers (9.3 miles). It’s the perfect day trip if you’re based in Ubud.

It’s recommended to visit Hidden Canyon with these transportation options:

  1. Ride your motorbike or rental car. Click here to rent your motorbike ahead of time. There is a private parking lot for your vehicle.
  2. Hire a private driver. We opted to have a private driver so we didn’t have to navigate the traffic and the roads. You can book a driver for the day between 500,000 IDR to 650,000 IDR ($35-$46 USD).

Or, you can use our awesome driver and customize your itinerary. We highly recommend our driver as he is friendly and safe on the roads. Send us a note and we’ll share the details with you. 

Hidden Canyon Entrance Fee

During our visit, the cost for two people was 300,000 IDR ($21 USD) and it came with a local guide, water bottle, locker, towel, and access to hot showers. It’s cheaper when you have more people in your group.

You can also pre-purchase your tickets at a discounted price here. 

You need to have a guide for your safety as it will be challenging to navigate the waters on your own. We thought the price was affordable for the tour and amenities

Here is a photo of the admission cost. 

Hidden Canyon entrance fee and what the cost includes

Hidden Canyon entrance fee (prices as of February 2019)

Locals receive a cheaper price as our driver asked about pricing. At the time, Hidden Canyon said that locals get a discount of 50,000 IDR ($3.50 USD) off the price. 

When to Go to Hidden Canyon and Amount of Time Needed

The best time to visit the Hidden Canyon is any time of the day. We went here during the morning at 11:00am and it wasn’t crowded. We encountered one group of two at the beginning of the canyon trail and another group of four towards the end of the trail.

It took us about two hours to complete the route which included many photo opportunities and short breaks. 

Wondering if it’s safe to go to Hidden Canyon during the rainy season? Yes, but proceed with caution.

We went in February during the rainy season and luckily it didn’t rain. However, the water levels were higher than normal and the rocks were slippery as it rained in prior days. Your guide will ensure your safety during the canyoning adventure but don’t feel pressured to go if the water current is too strong. 

Things to Bring to Hidden Canyon

Here are some helpful items to bring with you to Hidden Canyon:

  • Swimsuit or moisture-wicking clothes
  • Water shoes or shoes with good drainage 
  • Sandals (We love these sandals: Men Fanning / Women Fanning)
  • GoPro or waterproof camera (You’ll want to have these handy GoPro accessories during your trip!)
  • Waterproof dry bag (not required, but your guide will have one)
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Toiletries for showering
  • Proof of travel insurance (While it’s not required to have it, you never know what may happen during your trip.)

Our Hidden Canyon Experience

The Hidden Canyon representatives greeted us with a warm welcome as we approached the service desk. Since we had two people, it was easy to choose the tour package. After paying for the tour, we received our water bottles, towel, and a locker to store our non-essential items. 

Before starting our canyoning experience, we changed into our swimsuit in the bathroom. It’s not recommended to wear any cotton clothes as you will get wet throughout the entire walk. 

We met our friendly guide, Danny, and off we went. He explained to us that we would go through three canyons during our adventure. How exciting is that?!

Danny had a waterproof bag and held our water bottles and cell phones. Once we reached the first canyon, we placed our sandals in Danny’s bag and went barefoot. We followed Danny’s lead on where to step and where to hold on to the rocks. 

Tip: We suggest having water sandals or any type of shoes with draining since walking barefoot on rocks can hurt. If you have sensitive feet, you can cut your feet on sharp rocks (like what happened to me). Justin wore Keen Newport H2 hiking sandals in the water.

What was awesome throughout the experience was that Danny documented our adventure. We didn’t have our GoPro, which would have been awesome to have. Regardless, he knew the best spots to take photos and ended up taking some amazing photos and videos using our cell phones, including a fun selfie shot. 

Justin Huynh and Jackie Szeto, Life Of Doing, have a selfie with our Hidden Canyon guide, Danny. Justin Huynh and Jackie Szeto, Life Of Doing, in waist deep waters at Hidden Canyon in Bali, Indonesia

As we waded through the calm, refreshing water, we awed at the stunning landscape. Many of the sculpted rocks were simply beautiful with natural erosions and carvings. Since we were down in the canyon, the trees from the jungle provided shade throughout our journey.

Most of the time, the water was ankle to calf-deep. We reached waist-deep and even shoulder-deep waters at one point. Since we’re short, we had to go on our tippy toes to keep our heads above the water. While we read that you could jump into the waters, we didn’t get the opportunity as being in the water was good enough for us!

Some spots along the trail can get sketchy, especially when walking across the rushing water or walking along a small ledge and bear hugging a rock.

If going barefoot, the rocks could be slippery as well. Take your time and go slowly. Danny helped us whenever we were stuck somewhere or needed help to hoist our bodies up onto a rock. 

Justin Huynh gives Jackie Szeto, Life Of Doing, a boost while in the waist-deep waters at Hidden Canyon in Bali, Indonesia Jackie Szeto gives Justin Huynh, Life Of Doing, a piggyback ride on a rock at Hidden Canyon in Bali.
Justin Huynh and Jackie Szeto, Life Of Doing, walk halfway in the waters of their canyoning adventure at Hidden Canyon.

We’re halfway through our adventure at Hidden Canyon in Bali

Towards the end of our canyoning experience, we tried the rope swing and took turns swinging each other high into the rocks. It was a fun finale before walking back to the main building for 10 minutes. Along the way, we passed through large rice fields. Don’t forget to grab your sandals from your guide to walk back as the ground can be hot.

Once we reached the main building, we said our goodbyes to Danny and enjoyed a nice hot shower. What a fabulous day filled with fun memories. 

Hidden Canyon Facts

Address: Jalan Sahadewa, Banjar Wangbung, Guwang, Sukawati, Guwang, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

Opening Days: Daily

Payment: Cash only

It’s well worth the visit to Hidden Canyon in Bali. From our amazing guide to the beautiful landscape, it’s a unique place in Bali to spend a few hours. If canyoning is on your bucket list, then you won’t regret coming here.

Once you finish your canyoning experience, don’t forget to grab something to eat. You deserve to treat yourself after completing this adventure. Here is a list of incredible places to eat in Bali or cheap options in Ubud.

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Interested in visiting Hidden Canyon? If you have other questions about this place, let us know in the comments below.

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Jackie and Justin go canyoning at Hidden Canyon in Bali, Indonesia. They are sitting on a rock and looking up in the sky in the canyon. Jackie Szeto and Justin Huynh, Life Of Doing, are waist-deep in the waters of Hidden Canyon (Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang) in Bali, Indonesia Hidden Canyon in Bali, Indonesia is a great adventure to experience. This photo highlights what the inside of the canyon looks like with large rocks and rushing water.

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Paolo May 23, 2020 - 6:44 pm

I have been to Bali but have never heard of this! This looks like an awesome place to visit. Will definitely check this out when I go back to Bali.

Jackie May 23, 2020 - 10:46 pm

Thanks Paolo! Hidden Canyon one of those undiscovered places in Bali. Hopefully, it doesn’t become too popular as it’s gorgeous with fewer crowds.

Zack Litchfield May 23, 2020 - 11:35 pm

That looks like so much fun! The way the water has eroded the canyon is really unique. Not sure if there is any place like this in the US.

Jackie May 25, 2020 - 10:33 am

It was a fun adventure! As with the U.S., the closest thing that I can think of is walking through the Narrows at Zion National Park but that is on a larger scale versus Hidden Canyon.


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