7 Most Stunning Sunset Spots in Bali, Indonesia To Experience

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A sunset over Tanah Lot temple in Bali, Indonesia

One of Bali’s traditions for tourists and locals alike is watching the stunning sunsets. 

Whether you want to watch it for free from a beach, a temple, from the top of a cliff, or if you want to enjoy it while sipping fancy cocktails and swimming in an infinity pool – Bali has it all. 

If you’ve never been to Bali, finding the best sunset spots might be a bit tricky. But don’t you worry.

Here is a list of 7 of the most beautiful and best sunset spots in Bali for every budget.

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Best Sunset Spots to Enjoy On a Low Budget

1. Echo Beach in Canggu

If you’re looking for a nice beach to watch the surfers surf into the sunset, Echo Beach is the place to be. 

Every evening, hundreds of people gather here to see the sky turn red, pink, and orange

Bring a towel, find yourself a nice spot, and relax. You can buy a fresh coconut at one of the beach warungs (local shops) and a grilled corn stick to enjoy it with. 

If you like to be active, walking down the beach or playing volleyball with others could be a great option as well. 

Either way, sunsets at Echo Beach are always a nice experience. 

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2. Amed Beach in Amed

Amed is in the northern part of Bali and is blessed by stunning black sand beaches as it’s close to Bali’s volcanoes. 

It’s the perfect place if you want to go snorkeling or diving to see beautiful corals, colorful fish, turtles, and shipwrecks. 

At night, Amed turns into a gorgeous place to watch the sunset from. 

There is nothing quite like it – Watching the sun disappear while sitting on black volcanic sand and having Mount Agung, an active volcano, behind you! If you have a drone, make sure to bring it. 

3. Uluwatu Temple in Uluwatu

This is quite a special spot to watch the sunset from as you get three things at once. 

First, you get to explore a beautiful temple that has pretty views over the coastline of Uluwatu

Uluwatu Temple is an ancient Hindu shrine on top of a cliff. It’s one of the nine main temples in Bali that are thoughts to protect the Balinese from evil spirits.

As is the case with all temples, please make sure to follow temple etiquette, such as covering your shoulders and wearing a sarong. 

Tip: Watch out for the monkeys. They are notorious for stealing hats and sunglasses from visitors. 

Second, you get to watch the sunset from the top of a cliff

And third, you can watch the famous Kecak fire dance performed every night by locals around 6:00pm. The Kecak fire dance tells the story of the battle of Ramayana. 

The entrance fee to the temple is 30,000 IDR ($2.00 USD) and to watch the Kecak fire dance you have to pay 100,000 IDR ($6.90). Or, you can consider taking a Uluwatu sunset tour with the Kecak dance here. 

Watching the Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple in Bali, Indonesia

Check out the Kecak Fire Show at Uluwatu Temple. Photo credit: Life Of Doing

Incredible Sunset Spots to Enjoy in the Mid-Range Budget

4. Tanah Lot Temple in Beraban

On a small stone island, you can find Tanah Lot Temple. It’s one of the most gorgeous and unique temples in Bali. 

If you visit Bali with sunset times at around 6:00pm, arriving at Tanah Lot at 5:00pm is recommended. 

Why? Well, you can go on a little stroll around the temple exploring it while it’s still bright, and arrive at the best sunset viewpoint when the sun is about to set. 

For that, you have to walk down towards the main temple and follow the path along the coastline to your right. Then, you will see the second temple. Follow the road to the very end to reach a nice viewpoint. 

When walking around Tanah Lot wearing a sarong is not necessary. Yet, if you enter any of the temples, please follow the temple etiquettes. 

Prepare to pay a small entrance fee of 60,000 IDR ($4.15). You can also take a Tanah Lot sunset tour here. 

Silhouette of Tanah Lot during sunset in Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot is one of the beautiful places to see the sunset. Photo credit: Claudio Duarte via Scopio Photos

5. La Brisa in Canggu

La Brisa in Canggu is a beach café that is open day and night. Make sure to bring your swimsuits as there are two amazing pools that you can jump into when it gets too hot outside. 

If you’re planning to watch the sunset at La Brisa, make sure to make a reservation beforehand as the place is quite famous. You can either get a table with or without a minimum spend. 

Minimum spend tables are usually in the very front to have the best sunset views. Expect to pay between 500,000 IDR to 3,000,000 IDR ($34.50-$207) for the minimum spend.

But to be honest, second-row tables still have amazing views and you don’t have a minimum spend

Just make sure you’re telling the agent exactly what you want (minimum spend/non-minimum spend and the sunset view) when you make the reservation. 

A sunset view from La Brisa in Bali, Indonesia

Photo credit: Bali Buddies

A swimming pool at La Brisa Cafe in Bali, Indonesia

Photo credit: Bali Buddies

Beautiful Sunset Spots to Enjoy on a Big Budget

6. Savaya Beach Club in Uluwatu

Savaya Beach Club is only open from Fridays to Sundays and has a quite exclusive vibe to it! They have a huge infinity pool and breathtaking views over the ocean and the cliffs. 

It’s a great place for those who would like to dance to the sunset. Every evening, Savaya Beach Club invites DJs from all over the world to bring joy to your ears. 

Since Bali has re-opened, making a reservation before going is highly recommended to make sure you get a spot. You can also try to get on the guestlist to save some money. 

Expect to pay 250,000 IDR ($17.25) and up for tickets. Click here for more information on Savaya. 

An infinity pool with a sunset at Savaya in Bali, Indonesia

Savaya is another fabulous spot to see the sunset in Bali. Photo credit: Bali Buddies

7. Woobar at W Bali in Seminyak

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish hotel that has breathtaking views and is located right next to the beach, then Woobar at W Bali is the place to be! 

You can either lounge around the pool area or perch on the sky deck while enjoying the amazing Mediterranean or Indonesian food. They also offer amazing cocktails and shisha for those who would like to try it.

The food cost starts at 125,000 IDR ($8.60), while drinks start from 165,000 IDR ($11.40) and up. 

Have fun, watch the sunset, and dance to the latest tracks. 

A hand holding a W Bali branded coconut drink in front of a W sign at Woobar in Bali, Indonesia

Woobar at W Bali is a go to spot to see the sunset. Photo credit: Bali Buddies

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Final Thoughts

Whether you want to enjoy Bali’s amazing sunset on a budget or want to go all out, there is something for everyone. 

Spend your day exploring Bali’s beautiful waterfalls, temples, and rice terraces, and wind down on your evening watching the sunset from one of the many sunset spots! 

Now it’s time to pack your bags and book your flight to Bali. See you soon. 

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Two sunset spots at Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia

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