One Week in Kyushu Itinerary: Explore the Best of Northern Kyushu, Japan

by Jackie
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During your 1 week in Kyushu itinerary, check out the Fukuoka skyline to see the purple and orange skies during sunset.

While most people associate Japan with Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, one area that needs to be on your Japan itinerary is Kyushu Island. Kyushu is the third largest island in Japan’s archipelago and is located in the southern area of the country. 

Where are the best places to visit in Kyushu? Since the island is HUGE, we suggest that you spend the time in Northern Kyushu, specifically Fukuoka, Beppu, and Nagasaki. These underrated cities will give you an introduction to its beautiful landscapes and mountains, history, and mouthwatering local cuisines. Plus, these areas don’t attract huge crowds like in Tokyo and Kyoto. 

We suggest that you spend at least 1 week in Kyushu. This Kyushu 7 days itinerary highlights the cities to visit in Kyushu, transportation options, and recommended places to stay. As with any travel itinerary that we share, feel free to mix up the sightseeing attractions based on your interest and time.

Now let’s visit these Kyushu must-see tourist attractions!

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Map of Kyushu Itinerary for 1 Week

This is a map of the Northern Kyushu cities you'll visit on your 1 week Kyushu itinerary.

Click on the image above to see a larger version of where you’ll go on your Kyushu itinerary. Credit: Map data: Google

How to Travel Around Kyushu Using JR Pass

The best way to travel around Kyushu and all of Japan is by using the shinkansen high-speed train operated by Japan Rail (JR) Group. The shinkansen is convenient to use since they are fast, always arrive and depart on time, have comfortable seats, and run constantly. They also connect to the local train lines. Using the shinkansen is also a sustainable way to travel since you reduce your carbon footprint for long-distance travel. 

All visitors with a temporary visa have the opportunity to use the shinkansen if you have a wide-area Japan Rail (JR) Pass, JR Sanyo-Sanin – Northern Kyushu Pass, or JR Kyushu Pass. With the pass, you’re able to travel within a large area (basically all of Japan), take JR local and fast-speed train lines. You won’t be able to take the Nozomi and Mizuho fast line but the Sakura and Hikari still are quite fast with a few extra stops along the way.

You would need to calculate if it’s more cost-efficient to have a wide-area JR Pass, Sanyo-Sanin – Northern Kyushu Pass, or Kyushu Pass. Once you have your Kyushu itinerary ready, you can use this scheduler to determine the cost and the departure/arrival times of the shinkansen. 

The wide-area JR Pass is beneficial if you plan to visit different areas of Japan. They have a 7, 14, and 21-day pass. Buy your JR pass for a discounted price here

The Sanyo-Sanin – Northern Kyushu Pass is for the Kyushu area and also travels to/from the Osaka area. This pass lasts 7 days. Buy your pass here for a discounted price. 

JR Kyushu Pass is available but has duration of 3 or 5 days. This pass is good if you fly to Kyushu and don’t plan to travel outside of the island. Buy your JR Kyushu Pass here.

You’ll need to purchase the JR pass in advance and exchange the voucher for the physical ticket at the shinkansen ticket office on your arrival. It’s recommended that you also reserve seats in advance so you don’t need to worry about not getting one in the non-reserved seating car. You can reserve seats in person at the ticket office.

This post will focus on using the shinkansen between the cities since that was our main mode of transportation.

Kyushu Itinerary Day 1-2: Fukuoka

Fukuoka (福岡市) is the main city in Fukuoka Prefecture. As the northern city in Kyushu, it’s the perfect introduction to this island. With a mix of traditional and metropolitan architecture and culture, you’ll love spending a few days in Fukuoka (also referred to as Hakata in the Hakata area). If you are a huge ramen eater, you’ll love eating your way through this city. 

Read our detailed Fukuoka itinerary here.

Five story red pagoda and temple in the Tochoji Temple area in Fukuoka, Japan. It's a fabulous place to visit on your one day in Fukuoka.

Tochoji Temple is a recommended place to visit in Fukuoka.

How to Get to Fukuoka

By Plane

Fukuoka has an international airport and it’s only 6 minutes away to get to the main station, Hakata Station (博多駅) by train. From the Fukuokakuku Station (福岡空港駅) at the airport, hop onto the local train on the Kuko Line and go two stops to Hakata Station. 

By Shinkansen 

If you’re coming from Honshu Island where Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are located, you’ll need to take the shinkansen directly to Hakata Station. Travel times will vary depending on your starting location. 

Top Things to Do in Fukuoka 

  • Eat Hakata ramen (also referred to as tonkotsu ramen) when you’re in Fukuoka. Many of your favorite ramen shops originated here such as Ippudo, Ichiran, and Shin-Shin Ramen. You can easily spend the day trying different ramen branches.
  • Take a historical walking tour. Visit important temples and shrines such as the Kushida Shrine and Tochoji Temple which is close to Hakata Station.  
  • Walk along the riverfront and try the Yatai food stalls in the evenings. It’s similar to hawker food stalls in Singapore.
  • Go shopping at Canal City, a multi-level shopping center that has boutique and popular stores.
  • Check out the old ruins of the Fukuoka Castle.
  • See the views of Fukuoka city from Fukuoka Tower.
  • Explore Dazaifu on a day trip. It was originally Fukuoka’s former government area so you can see ancient ruins of the buildings and also check out the shrines and temples.
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine is one of the top things to do on your Dazaifu itinerary. It's a gorgeous temple with lots of people visiting.

Tenmangu Shrine is one of the best attractions to visit in Dazaifu.

Places to Stay in Fukuoka

We stayed at Hotel Mei which is within walking distance to Canal City. It’s a new hotel that offers various rooms whether you want a suite or an executive room. We had a budget-friendly room that was spacious and had the amenities needed for our stay. Book a room at Hotel Mei here.

For other options, check out accommodation reviews and book a room in Fukuoka here.

Kyushu Itinerary Day 3-4: Beppu

Beppu (別府市) is a famous onsen (hot springs) location in Japan. Located in Oita Prefecture, this mountainous city is unique to visit as you see steam coming from the rooftops of the onsen. You’ll love the opportunity to relax in a hot spring and also get a chance to see the multi-colored bubbly hot springs up close. Two days is a good amount of time to relax in the middle of your Japan itinerary. 

Click to read more about our Beppu itinerary here. 

How to Get to Beppu from Fukuoka

Take the shinkansen high-speed train from Fukuoka’s Hakata Station (博多駅) to Beppu Station (別府駅). It’ll take 2 hours. 

Top Things to Do in Beppu

  • Relax at an onsen. You can choose to stay overnight at an onsen or spend time in one with mineral spring water, mud bath, or in the sand.  
  • The main highlight of Beppu is to visit the Seven Hells of Beppu. Take the Jigoku Meguri (Hells Tour) to visit the seven hot springs – Chinoike, Tatsumaki, Shiraike, Oniyama, Kamado, Umi, and Oniishi Bozu. You’ll love the different colors from cobalt to mud pits for the hot springs. There are 8 Jigoku in the area but one isn’t a part of the Jigoku Meguri ticket combination. This attraction will take about half a day. 

Read our Seven Hells of Beppu guide here. 

Umi Jigoku has cobalt blue waters and steam and is a popular Hells of Beppu site to visit.

Out of the Seven Hells of Beppu, Umi Jigoku is our favorite!

  • Eat Beppu specialties such as steamed foods, steamed custard pudding and eggs, and toriten (tempura battered chicken).
  • Take a day trip to Yufuin, one of the best onsen towns in Japan. Although it’s a smaller town, you can’t miss the relaxation opportunities and go hiking up Mount Yufu. 
  • Visit Harmonyland, an outdoor Sanrio amusement park. See Hello Kitty and friends here or visit them in Tokyo’s Sanrio Puroland.

Places to Stay in Beppu

We stayed at Beppu Hostel U&T which was an affordable option and close to the Beppu Station. The rooms are larger than other places that we stayed at. Plus, this place has unlimited tea and beverage services! Book a room at Beppu Hostel U&T here.

For other options, click here to read reviews of Beppu accommodations and make a reservation

Kyushu Itinerary Day 5-6: Nagasaki 

Nagasaki (長崎) is a location that has both Japanese and Western influences. As the largest city in the Nagasaki Prefecture and former port city, you’ll see influences with the Portuguese and Dutch with the architecture and Christianity. It’s also known as the second location to experience the atomic bomb on August 9, 1945 (3 days after the Hiroshima incident). Since Nagasaki is a large area with lots of local attractions, you can easily spend 2-3 days here. 

Read more about our Nagasaki itinerary here. 

On your one day in Nagasaki itinerary, check out the bronze Peace Statue at the Nagasaki Peace Park. It's of a man holding up his right hand to the sky and left arm horizontally to show world peace.

The Peace Statue at the Peace Park is a lovely place to visit in Nagasaki.

How to Get to Nagasaki from Beppu

To get to Nagasaki from Beppu, you’ll need to allocate 4 hours and do one transfer on the shinkansen fast-speed train. From Beppu Station (別府駅) to Fukuoka’s Hakata Station (博多駅), the shinkansen ride will take 2 hours. Afterward, transfer at Hakata Station to go on a different train that goes to Nagasaki Station (長崎駅). This will take another 2 hours. It’s a long journey so it’s recommended that you purchase a meal or snacks ahead of time for your ride. 

Top Things to Do in Nagasaki

  • Learn about the history and events leading up to the atomic bomb incident at the Atomic Bomb Museum and the National Peace Memorial Hall for Atomic Bomb Victims. Pay your respects at the Peace Park and also see the atomic bomb hypocenter at the Hypocenter Park.
  • Visit Nagasaki’s churches such as Oura Church and Urakami Cathedral.
  • Explore the isolated island for Dutch merchants at Dejima
  • Eat champon, a noodle specialty dish from Nagasaki. It’s one of our favorite Japanese foods to eat!
  • Visit Chinatown to shop and eat. If you can visit during the Nagasaki Lantern Festival, you’ll see over 15,000 lanterns light up the area. Nearby Chinatown is also the Spectacles Bridge that looks like a pair of glasses.
Colorful lanterns and displays for the Nagasaki Lantern Festival in Nagasaki, Japan

If you have a chance to visit Nagasaki during the Lantern Festival, you’ll see incredible decors and displays.

  • Check out the nighttime views from the summit of Mount Inasa at 333 meters (1,093 feet) above sea level. You can take the ropeway to the top of the mountain.
  • Take day trips to visit the Huis Ten Bosch, the Netherland-inspired amusement park, or see the abandoned island of Hashima Island (Battleship Island).

Places to Stay in Nagasaki

We stayed at MP Hotel Nagasaki Mizubenomori which is a quiet location in the residential area. This place is great if you’re looking for an apartment-style hotel room. The best part is that this room has a washing machine. Regardless, this place is close to the streetcar so you can travel around the city. Book a room at MP Hotel Nagasaki Mizubenomori here.

For other options, click here to read reviews of Nagasaki accommodations and make a reservation.

Kyushu Itinerary Day 7: Travel Day or Departure

On your last day in Kyushu, this is your free day to do whatever you’d like! Depending on your schedule you can visit neighboring areas in Kyushu, head to the neighboring Honshu Island, or depart back home via plane at Nagasaki or Fukuoka airport.


If you have extra time to explore Kyushu, take a day trip to Kumamoto (熊本市). The city is known for the Kumamoto Castle (熊本城) so you’ll get an opportunity to explore a historic landmark. 

How to Get to Kumamoto from Nagasaki

From Nagasaki to Kumamoto, take the shinkansen for a two-hour ride. From Nagasaki Station (長崎駅), head to Shin-Tosu Station (新鳥栖駅). The ride takes 1.5 hours. Transfer here and take the shinkansen to Kumamoto Station (熊本駅) for another 25 minutes. 

How to Get to Honshu Island from Nagasaki

If you are planning to head to Honshu Island, you’re in luck as there are many places to explore. Honshu Island is the largest island out of Japan’s archipelago. It has popular cities such as Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, and other exciting places. 

The nearest main city that is closest to Fukuoka is Hiroshima. We recommend that you stop by Hiroshima for two days to learn more about the Hiroshima atomic bomb, visit the Hiroshima Castle, and do a day trip to Miyajima Island

View of Hiroshima Castle from the outside of the moat. Hiroshima Castle is a popular site to visit on your Hiroshima itinerary and when you're visiting Kyushu.

Although Hiroshima Castle is rebuilt, it’s still gorgeous to see!

How to Get to Hiroshima from Nagasaki

From Nagasaki to Hiroshima, take the shinkansen for a 3.5-hour ride. From Nagasaki Station (長崎駅), head to Shin-Tosu Station (新鳥栖駅). The ride takes 1.5 hours. Transfer here and take the shinkansen to Hiroshima Station (広島駅) for another 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

Have a safe departure! 

This one week in Kyushu went by quickly! This island has so many hidden gems to explore. We hope you enjoyed Kyushu as much as we did so you can return to visit Southern Kyushu in the future. 

What are you most interested in seeing in Northern Kyushu? If you have questions about this Kyushu travel guide or itinerary, ask one in the comments below.  

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With your one week in Kyushu itinerary, head to the Northern Kyushu cities such as Fukuoka to see the skyline, Beppu, and Nagasaki to see the Spectacle Bridge.

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Pamela April 23, 2020 - 3:40 am

This looks like such an amazing place. Unfortunately, when we were in Japan we didn’t have enough time to go to Nagasaki. We do hope to go back to visit places like this instead of all the big cities! Saving for later.

Jackie April 24, 2020 - 1:39 pm

Thanks Pamela. There is so much to see in Japan! Once the current situation is over, hope you can make a plan to return to Japan. We would love to go back to Kyushu and spend time in the southern areas to see waterfalls and more beautiful landscapes.

Perth Is Ok April 23, 2020 - 2:39 pm

Interesting places in Kyushu and we already know that Japan has many amazing places where we can spend our time. I love this place and will plan to go there.

Jackie April 24, 2020 - 1:42 pm

Thank you! Kyushu Island is underrated since it takes a while to get there from Osaka and has fewer crowds. Look forward to hearing about your experiences when you visit.

Katie Toll May 1, 2020 - 1:04 am

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan!! What an amazing guide you’ve created. There’s so much to do and see especially in the Kyushu area. I’ll save this for my trip!

Jackie May 1, 2020 - 10:21 am

Thanks Katie! If you have any questions during your future Japan planning, I’m happy to help!

Olga Maria May 1, 2020 - 4:24 pm

This is a great guide you’ve created for Japan. I’ve been to some Asian countries like India and I’m always excited to explore more countries there!

Jackie May 1, 2020 - 4:36 pm

Thanks Olga! Glad you enjoyed this Kyushu itinerary! I’m overdue for a return trip to India. I’ve only been to Bangalore for work so I can’t wait to explore other tourist attractions.

Sarah Barthet May 1, 2020 - 9:05 pm

I am truly blown away by everything Japan has to offer. We returned from our trip to Japan in February and I never thought to visit Kyushu – thank you for taking the time to write this. I feel like one could spend years in Japan and still not see it all!

Jackie May 2, 2020 - 11:26 am

Hi Sarah. We returned from our trip to Japan in February as well! Where did you go? Hope you get a chance to visit Kyushu in the future.

Nat May 4, 2020 - 11:43 pm

Just by your photos I already want to go Kyushu area! Great post!!

Sarah Barthet May 7, 2020 - 1:08 am

We visited Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka and Nara! So much we still need to see!

Jackie May 7, 2020 - 10:07 am

Hi Sarah – I agree! There is never enough time to explore all of Japan. Justin and I haven’t been Hakone yet, but it’s on the bucket list.

JJ February 9, 2023 - 4:30 am

I’m late to this post but am planning a trip to Kyushu later this year for my first visit to Japan. Thanks for the insight, can’t wait to see what the island has to offer.

Jackie February 10, 2023 - 10:06 am

Hi JJ. Thank you for sharing a comment. Enjoy your time in Kyushu! Would love to hear back from you on your experience. We can’t wait to go back and explore more on Kyushu island.


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