9 Homestays in Sapa, Vietnam for an Unforgettable Experience

by Jackie
A two story wooden building surrounded by trees at Mama Si Homestay, one of the top homestays in Sapa to stay at

One of the coolest experiences to do in Sapa, Vietnam is to stay overnight at a homestay. 

Staying at a homestay is a fantastic alternative to a hotel or guesthouse and it’s usually the preferred choice of accommodations during a Sapa trekking tour. 

You get the chance to stay at a local’s house, have a meal with the host, and meet other tourists. Plus, you’re away from the hustle and bustle of Sapa town. 

We’ve had the chance to stay at a few homestays during our trips to Sapa and would recommend the experience. 

So, where are the best homestays to stay in Sapa? 

In this post, we’re sharing 9 incredible homestays to consider on your next trip. We’re sharing 3 that we’ve personally stayed at and recommending other homestays that are highly reviewed.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, we receive a small commission. There is no additional cost to you. Appreciate the support.

Why Should You Stay at a Homestay in Sapa?

  • Many of the homestays in Sapa are operated by local ethnic minority women and located in the ethnic minority villages. 

Women support themselves by selling handicrafts, being a trekking tour guide, and/or owning a homestay. Your stay at their homestay supports their entrepreneurship and the local community. 

  • Staying at a homestay is the chance to escape Sapa’s busy area and noise and enjoy a slower-paced life in a village. 
  • The area around the homestays is gorgeous. They’re located in mountainous areas or located next to a rice field or terrace. Once you see the beautiful rice terraces of Sapa, you won’t want to leave this peaceful area. 
  • What is unique about the homestay is that you can interact with locals and tourists, enjoy dinner and breakfast (which is included in your tour), and stay overnight at their accommodation

During our two visits to Sapa, we’ve been lucky to have dinner with the hosts. They always cook a feast of chicken or pork, local vegetables, tofu, and more. 

Things to Know Before Staying at a Sapa Homestay

  • Your trekking guide will book accommodations for you so you won’t know where you’ll go until the day of arrival. If you have a specific place in mind, notify your trekking guide if you want the guide to make the booking on your behalf. 
  • The accommodations vary depending on the price. There are private rooms and shared areas with curtains for extra privacy (similar to dormitory style). The private rooms cost slightly more than the shared area but are still budget-friendly

The cost of the room is rolled into the trekking price unless you book a homestay on your own. 

  • Most of the homestays have shared bathrooms. Some places have a shower and toilet in the same room while other places have the shower and toilet in separate rooms. So, if the homestay is crowded, there will be a line for the bathroom. 
  • Rooms do not have air conditioning. If you visit Sapa during a heat wave, your room will be really hot. Opening the windows or having the fan on will help with air circulation. 
  • Use the mosquito net. You never know what may land on you in the middle of the night, so it’s recommended to use the mosquito net when you sleep. 
  • Bring earplugs if you’re a light sleeper. Even though there are individual rooms, the rooms have an open ceiling so you can hear noise from everyone in the sleeping quarters. Whether it’s a creaking noise from walking, buzzing insects, or barking dogs, you’ll want earplugs to block out the noise. 
  • WiFi may be spotty. If this is the case, you can have a phone/technology detox for an evening. 
  • Bring your own beverages for dinner. Before you visit your homestay, stop by a store to buy extra water or drinks to have with dinner. The homestays that we’ve stayed at did not include drinks with the dinner. 
  • If you have any dietary restrictions, notify your trekking guide. Your guide will arrange with the host. 

I’m a pescetarian and I don’t eat meat but eat seafood, fish, eggs, and dairy. The meals that I’ve eaten had plenty of vegetarian options. 


Locations of recommended homestays in Sapa, Vietnam

Click on the map to see a larger view of the recommended homestays in Sapa to stay overnight. Credit: Map data: Google

1. Indigo Snail Homestay

*Life Of Doing Recommendation*

Indigo Snail Homestay is a well-known homestay in Sapa as it’s been around since 2017. 

The beautiful homestay, located in the Ta Van Village, is surrounded by a garden and a rice field. It’s a great place to relax after trekking. 

When we arrived, we were greeted warmly by Sue’s children (the host) and received green tea as a welcome drink. 

During our 1-night visit, we were the only group staying at this homestay so it was a treat to have the whole place to ourselves. We had our choice of room, located on the second floor of the main building. 

Since Sapa is known to produce handicrafts made of indigo, Sue, her mom, and her friend created all of the bedding with local fabrics and indigo dye. 

Each bed had pretty indigo pillowcases and blankets. Our bedding was gorgeous with the orange, purple, and indigo stripes, and brightened up the room.  

Sleeping area at Indigo Snail Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam

We had our own private room at Indigo Snail Homestay, yet, the upstairs sleeping area is cozy.

Colorful fabric and indigo dyed bedsheets and pillow cases at Indigo Snail Homestay in Sapa

The bedding at Indigo Snail Homestay is gorgeous

If we had more time, we would have loved to take an indigo dyeing workshop with Sue. 

As with the meals, we had plenty to eat. 

For dinner, we shared a meal with the host’s children. Unfortunately, Sue, the host, had other plans and was away for dinner. 

They prepared a delicious meal of stir-fried pork with vegetables, duck eggs with tomato, morning glory vegetables, and rice. 

Dinner at Indigo Snail Homestay of duck eggs with tomato, pork with vegetables, morning glory vegetables, and rice

A healthy and delicious dinner with the family at Indigo Snail Homestay

For breakfast, we had a banana festival. We had a pile of crepes, mini star-shaped banana cakes, and baby bananas. The banana cakes looked like mini bundt cakes and were delicious. 

Breakfast at Indigo Snail Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam consisted of star shaped banana cakes with bananas and hot tea

We started our breakfast with these star shaped banana banana cakes. The crepes arrived later.


  • The individual rooms have a window for fresh air  
  • In the main building, there is a bathroom on the same level as the accommodations

Some Things to Consider

  • Shoes are not allowed on the second floor of the main building 
  • WiFi is very spotty here 

Address: Located in Ta Van Village

How to Reserve a Room: Click here to book on Booking.com | Book on Agoda here | Book on Airbnb

2. Ly Thi Si Homestay (Mama Si Homestay)

*Life Of Doing Recommendation*

Located in the quiet and slightly isolated area of Hau Thao Commune, Ly Thi Si Homestay, also referred to as Mama Si Homestay, is a lovely homestay to relax. The homestay was built in 2022 so it’s still fairly new. 

On arrival, we received a welcome drink from Mama Si, the host. Green tea is always a refreshing beverage to drink after a hike. 

Afterward, we were led to the building which had our rooms. (The featured photo for this post is the building with the rooms.) Since only one other tourist stayed at the homestay and there were extra rooms, my mom and I received our own rooms. 

The rooms were cozy for one night and had a window for fresh air. 

A bedroom with a mosquito net at Mama Si Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam

Here what a private room looks like at Mama Si Homestay

What is fantastic about this homestay location is that it’s surrounded by endless rice terraces. It’s a beautiful area to take a short afternoon walk and take photos of the rice fields at sunset. 

Note: You may not want to wander too far as there isn’t any signage to direct you back to the homestay. Plus, there isn’t any village or shops nearby so you’re in a remote area. Hopefully this changes in the future where there will be more signs. 

Similarly to our other homestay experience at Indigo Snail, we had a feast for dinner. We had ground chicken, tofu with tomatoes, vegetables, opo (squash) soup, French fries, purple sticky rice, and rice. 

A top down photo of dinner entrees of French Fries, vegetables, tofu with tomato, squash soup, ground chicken, purple sticky rice, and white rice at Mama Si Homestay in Sapa

We enjoyed our dinner at Mama Si Homestay

For breakfast, we had crepes with bananas and honey and scrambled eggs. It was a nice balance to have eggs along with the crepes. 

A plate of bananas, scrambled eggs, and crepes, and a bowl of honey on a wooden table at Mama Si Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam

Breakfast is served at Mama Si Homestay


  • Strong WiFi signal
  • Gorgeous area with rice terraces
  • A clothesline is available if you need to let any clothes dry
  • Friendly dogs living here 

Some Things to Consider

  • When we visited, the toilet and shower were not in the same building as our rooms. So, we had to go to the main building to use the shared toilet and shower. We heard that they were being built, but not sure when they would be done. 
  • If you decide to wander around, ensure that you know how to get back to the homestay. Since this area has rice fields everywhere and no signs on where to turn, you can get lost. 

Address: 8W36+C94, Sử Pán, Sa Pa, Lào Cai 

How to Book a Room: Contact through Facebook

3. Sapa May Family Homestay

*Life Of Doing Recommendation*

Sapa May Family Homestay is a pleasant homestay to stay for the evening. 

The location is along the main street of a village, so it’s a vibrant area compared to Ly Thi Si Homestay (Mama Si Homestay). You can see more of the locals’ lifestyle and can buy things at stores. 

We met May, the host, on arrival and she gave us green tea as a welcome drink. She was friendly and checked in on us often. 

My mom and I were the only guests here for our stay, so we had the homestay to ourselves.

There are 5 rooms in this homestay. The rooms are on the second level of the main building, along with the toilet and shower. 

Private rooms with indigo handicraft and decor at May's Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam

We had our choice of room at May’s Homestay in Sapa

We love the size of the rooms as there is a lot of extra room next to the bed. Having a fan in the room is also a nice amenity for extra airflow. 

If your room is facing the rice fields, you can see them from your window. 

A bed with a purple and black blanket and a mosquito net at May's Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam

Here is the room that I stayed at May’s Homestay

We did not have dinner with May as we had dinner with our tour guide, Zaazaa and her family. 

But we had breakfast of crepes and topped with bananas, mangoes, and drizzled honey. (The other option for breakfast was phở (noodle soup) but I didn’t inquire if there was a vegetarian option.) 

Regardless, there was enough food to sustain us as we took a day trip to Bac Ha Sunday Market afterward. 

A plate of crepes with bowls of fresh cut mangoes and whole bananas on a wooden table at May's Homestay in Sapa

We had another breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit at May’s Homestay


  • The homestay is in the heart of a village so you can buy snacks and drinks
  • There is a fan in the room 
  • Huge individual rooms 
  • Bathrooms are on the same level as the rooms 
  • Hangers and clothing lines are available for any washed clothes

Some Things to Consider

  • Shoes are not allowed on the second level of the building
  • The dogs bark crazily in the early morning

Address: Thôn Hàng, Sa Pa, Lao Cai 330000, Vietnam

How to Book a Room: To be honest, we couldn’t find any online reservation system. You can send your guide this pin on Google Maps and request to stay here. 

4. Surelee Homestay 

Located in Hau Thao Commune, Surelee Homestay is a recommended spot to disconnect and enjoy the quietness. 

Reviewers love the hospitality from Surelee’s family including arranging trekking tours and the delicious meals (breakfast and dinner). 

Some of the larger rooms have a balcony area to see the gorgeous rice terraces. 


  • A fan in the rooms 
  • Comfortable beds

Some Things to Consider

  • The homestay is up on a hill so it may be challenging if you arrive late at night

Address: Thôn Bản Pho, Sa Pa, Lào Cai 31000

How to Book a Room: Reserve on Booking.com here | Book on Agoda 

5. Sapa Eco Homestay

Sapa Eco Homestay, located in the Ta Van area, is a perfect getaway spot from Sapa town. 

Compared to the other options listed in this post, Sapa Eco Homestay has more of a guesthouse ambiance than a homestay as the rooms do not have the rustic feel compared to other homestays

But each room has a private ensuite bathroom which is a great perk. 

Reviewers enjoy the friendliness of the staff, access to the pool, and the views of the rice terraces. They also enjoy the yummy breakfast, which is included in the stay. 

While trekking is the most popular activity in the area, this homestay also has motorbike rentals to explore the area.  


  • A swimming pool 
  • Large bedrooms, including a family room that holds up to four people
  • Private ensuite bathrooms 

Some Things to Consider

  • The rooms are more contemporary versus the rustic ambiance of other homestays. 

Address: Ta Van, Dáy 1, Sa Pa, Lào Cai 330000

How to Book a Room: Click to reserve on Booking.com | Book on Agoda here  

6. Sapa’s Soul Homestay

Sapa’s Soul Homestay is a nice place to stay if you want incredible mountainside views and rice terraces. 

Reviewers have positive things to say about Oanh, the host, and her family. Oanh can organize trekking tours and taxi services to/from Sapa Town as needed. 

Reviewers also love the food provided at the homestay. Breakfast is included in your room price. 

Depending on the room, you’ll have a mountain view or a room with a private bathroom. There is a room available that can hold up to four people, so it’s ideal for those with families. 

Each of the rooms is nicely decorated with beautiful indigo-dyed bedding. 


  • Friendly dogs that live here
  • Incredible views  
  • Clean shared bathrooms 

Some Things to Consider

There are comments regarding the steepness of the slope leading to the accommodation, so be careful when walking

Address: TL152, Sử Pán, Sa Pa, Lào Cai

How to Book a Room: Reserve on Booking.com here | Click to book on Agoda

7. Sapa Riverside Homestay

Sapa Riverside Homestay is a beautiful homestay in the Ta Van area and is located near a river. The decor looks like a large cabin in the middle of the forest area. 

Reviewers love the quietness and serenity of this place. When the weather is colder, there is a small fireplace in the public area.

Depending on the number of people in the group, there are rooms available for 2 or up to 4 people. Some of the rooms have an ensuite bathroom. 

Food is offered at this site, but the consistency varies. Many reviewers order BBQ for dinner ahead of time. 


  • A hidden homestay with rice fields nearby
  • Hosts can arrange trekking and transportation as needed

Some Things to Consider

  • The food is a hit-or-miss

Address: Bản, Ta Van, Giáy 2, Sa Pa, Lào Cai 

How to Book a Room: Reserve on Booking.com here | Book on Agoda 

8. Eco Hills Homestay

Want to stay in a bungalow overlooking a mountain? Eco Hill Homestay is an ideal homestay for your next trip. 

The bungalows have a staircase where you have an unobstructed view of the mountain range and the rice terraces. Each bungalow has a private bathroom and a small patio with chairs to awe at the landscape. 

Reviewers love how easy it is to work with Thuy, the host. They also enjoy the homecooked meals that Thuy and the family make. Breakfast is included in your room price. 


  • Easy communication with the host
  • Clear views of Sapa and the rice terraces from the bungalow

Some Things to Consider

  • WiFi is very spotty here

Address: Ta Van – Seo My Ty, Tả Van, Sa Pa, Lào Cai 

How to Book a Room: Click to reserve on Booking.com | Book a room on Agoda

9. Chien De Homestay

Cat Cat Village is a popular area to visit in Sapa as it’s closer to Sapa town. We personally haven’t been there but we’ve heard that it is very touristy with its showcase of an ethnic minority village. 

Chien De Homestay is one of the recommended homestays in Cat Cat Village

There are private rooms and bungalows (that hold up to four people) depending on your preference. The bungalows will be perfect if you’re traveling with a family. 

This low-key homestay is surrounded by rice fields, so it’s a good escape from Sapa town. 

Reviewers appreciate the easy communication with De, the host. De can also arrange trekking and transportation services as needed. 

Breakfast is included in the price of the room.


  • Friendly host
  • Location in Cat Cat Village

Some Things to Consider

  • If taking a taxi here, you’ll pass through the main street which can be congested

Address: Cat Cat Village, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

How to Book a Room: Click to book a room on Booking.com | Reserve on Agoda here

Final Thoughts

Which of these homestays do you want to stay at on your next Sapa trip? 

We hope we’ve inspired you to add an overnight stay at one of these places to your Sapa itinerary

Spending one night or a few nights at one of these homestays provides a more authentic experience. 

What’s not to love about staying in a non-touristy location, spending time with the host family, and meeting other travelers?! 

Plus, you get to relax at a stunning spot after your day of hiking through ethnic minority villages. 

Looking for more posts on Sapa? Read our posts for more inspiration: 

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