Cable Car and Funiculars to Fansipan (Sapa, Vietnam): Everything You Need to Know

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A yellow cable car on the way to Fansipan Mountain and passing by Hoang Lien Mountains in Sapa, Vietnam

Planning to visit Fansipan Mountain when visiting Sapa, Vietnam

Fansipan (Phan Xi Păng in Vietnamese) is the highest peak in Vietnam at an astonishing 3,143 meters (10,312 feet) high. It’s currently called the “Roof of Indochina” as Indochina comprises Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. 

Historically, hiking for one or two days was the only option to reach Fansipan. It was difficult for people to access the peak. 

Currently, it’s still possible to hike Fansipan. It’s recommended for those who want to do a challenging hike in Vietnam.  

With the help of Sun World entertainment group, they’ve transformed Fansipan into a tourist attraction called Sun World Fansipan Legend

Now, it’s easy to access Fansipan with the help of the cable car and funiculars. It only takes 20 minutes to reach Fansipan! 

After doing research, it was very confusing how to use Fansipan cable cars and funiculars. It wasn’t clear which railway you were supposed to ride.

Therefore, this guide explains in detail how to ride the cable car and funicular to Fansipan Mountain and Sun World Fansipan Legend. We also included helpful details on the Fansipan ticket price and what to do. 

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Which Fansipan Cable Car or Funicular Do You Need to Ride?

There are three transportation options to reach the Fansipan Summit. Each of the railways has a round trip. 

Muong Hoa Funicular

Located in the heart of the Sapa city center, Sun Plaza has the Sapa Station (Ga Sa Pa in Vietnamese). 

Sun Plaza is a beautiful golden building with French architecture. Inside there are small shops selling souvenirs and puffy jackets. 

Here, you can conveniently ride the 15-minute Muong Hoa Funicular that ends at Muong Hoa Funicular Station (Ga Mường Hoa). 

The Muong Hoa Funicular holds over 200+ people and is a gorgeous railway with its dark red and golden finish.  

A red and gold painted funicular waiting at the Muong Hoa Funicular in Sapa, Vietnam

Muong Hoa Funicular is a beautiful ride though Sapa’s mountains

There are plenty of benches to sit on and enjoy the ride. Or, you could stand and watch the gorgeous scenery of rice terraces pass by. The front of the funicular is another popular spot. 

The funicular moves smoothly so there is a low chance for motion sickness. 

A white mansion surrounded by green mountains and rice terraces in Sapa, Vietnam

Here is a view from riding Muong Hoa Funicular

Fansipan Cable Car

Taking the Cable Car is the only way to reach Sun World Fansipan Legend and Fansipan Summit. 

If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to skip this part and hang out in the beautiful outdoor garden area. It’s next to the Cable Car Station entrance. 

There are two ways to get to the cable car:

Option 1: If you took the Muong Hoa Funicular from Sapa city center, the journey ends at Muong Hoa Funicular Station. 

Then, you walk through the building and take the 20-minute cable car from Hoang Lien Cable Car Station (Ga Hoàng Liên) to go to Fansipan Station (Ga Fansipan). Each cable car holds up to 20 to 30 people inside. 

Option 2: If you have your own transportation such as taxi or motorbike and are coming directly from Sapa, you can just go directly to the Fansipan Cable Car (Cáp treo Fansipan) parking lot area. 

Then you can ride the cable car directly to Fansipan. 

A yellow cable car on the way to Fansipan and passing by the Hoang Lien Mountains

Is the cable car safe? Yes, it is! 

Vietnam does an excellent job with its cable cars as there are cable cars at every major attraction. We’ve been on cable cars at Sun World Ba Na Hills and VinWonders Nha Trang and never experienced any dangerous moments. 

This cable car is a smooth ride with some occasional swaying due to the gusts of winds passing by. 

Otherwise, seeing the aerial views of the Hoang Lien Mountains, a part of the Hoang Lien National Park, and rice terraces from above make the cable car ride worth it.  

View of outer Sapa town with green mountains and rice terraces from the Fansipan cable car

Here is another view from Fansipan cable car

One of the unique things about Fansipan’s Cable Car is that it’s been recognized as a Guinness World Record

It’s the largest height difference between departure and arrival stations of 1,410 meters (4,626 feet) for a non-stop three-wire cable car. Read more here

Fansipan Peak Funicular

The third transportation option is the funicular to reach Fansipan Summit. 

If you have leg or knee issues, it’ll be challenging to walk up the stairs to reach the peak. Don’t worry. There is another smaller funicular to help those with mobility issues. 

How do you get there? Once you arrive at Fansipan Cable Car Station, it’s a short walk through a temple area. 

Afterward, head to Do Quyen Funicular Station (Ga Đỗ Quyên) to ride the funicular to Truc May Funicular Station (Ga Trúc Mây). It’s a red railway that passes the Great Buddha Statue and takes you directly to the peak. 

Fansipan Cable Car & Funicular Ticket Prices

Prices are in Vietnamese dong and U.S. Dollars

Muong Hoa Funicular Round-TripCable Car Round-TripFansipan Peak Funicular Way UpFansipan Peak Funicular Way DownFansipan Peak Funicular Round-Trip
Adults150,000 VND ($6.30 USD)800,000 to 850,000 VND ($34 to $36) *Depending on which day you visit150,000 VND ($6.30)120,000 VND ($5.00)270,000 VND ($11.40)
Children150,000 VND ($6.30)550,000 VND ($23.20)150,000 VND ($6.30)120,000 VND ($5.00)270,000 VND ($11.40)

As you can see, the ticket price is on the higher side. Many theme parks in Vietnam have this price range if there is a cable car involved. Regardless, it’s still worth it to visit Fansipan Legend even if you’re budget conscious!

We’ll share the total cost depending on which railways you decide.

Where to Buy Fansipan Cable Car Tickets

There are several ways to buy the tickets either online or in person. Credit cards are accepted as payment if doing in-person transactions. 

Please keep your ticket at all times. It’ll have a QR code which is scanned at all stations. 

Buy them online either on the official website or on Klook. 

We suggest using Klook as it’s super convenient to purchase and redeem. 

Buy Fansipan cable car tickets on Klook here

The cost is slightly cheaper than what you pay in person. Plus, you do not need to exchange for a physical ticket as the Klook QR code is scanned at each station. 

The official Sun World Fansipan Legend website is finicky. The browser may auto-translate from Vietnamese to your native language and won’t allow you to click on a specific date. Sometimes, you can click on the date if the site is in Vietnamese only, and then the browser freezes. 

Buy tickets in person at the Sapa Station in Sapa City Center or Fansipan Cable Car Station.

If you have questions, the Ticket Office has at least one person who can speak English. 

Buy the Fansipan Peak Funicular at the Do Quyen Funicular Station or Truc May Funicular Station. 

If you didn’t get a chance to buy this funicular ticket at the Sapa Station or Fansipan Cable Car Station, you can buy them at either of these funicular stations. You can purchase one-way or round-trip. 

Now, How Do You Get to Fansipan Using Cable Car and Funicular? How Much Will It Cost?

Option 1: Muong Hoa Funicular + Cable Car + Walk to Peak 

*Recommended for Most Visitors* 

If you’re staying in the main area of Sapa Center, ride the Muong Hoa Funicular from Sapa Station to the Muong Hoa Funicular Station. 

Once you arrive at Muong Hoa Funicular Station, take a short walk through the building to the Hoang Lien Cable Car Station. Then, you wait in line and ride the cable car to the Cable Car Station.

Afterward, you can walk around Sun World Fansipan Legend and see the attractions and reach the summit. 

Total Cost of Ride

Muong Hoa Funicular Round-TripCable Car Round-TripTotal
Adults150,000 VND ($6.30)800,000 to 850,000 VND ($34 to $36)950,000 to 1,000,000 VND ($40 to $42.15)
Children150,000 VND ($6.30)550,000 VND ($23.20)700,000 VND ($29.50)

Option 2: Cable Car Only + Walk to Peak

If you want to skip the Muong Hoa Funicular and go directly to the cable car, you will need to ride a taxi or drive a motorbike from Sapa city center to the Hoang Lien Cable Car Station (Ga Hoàng Liên)/Fansipan Cable Car (Cáp treo Fansipan). 

Many taxis hang out around Sapa Station, so you can find a taxi easily. It’ll take 10 minutes (2.6 kilometers away) to drive to the Fansipan Cable Car parking lot. 

**Please tell your taxi driver to wait for you so you have a ride back to Sapa. 

Total Cost of Cable Car Ride

Cable Car Round-Trip Total
Adults800,000 to 850,000 VND ($34 to $36)
Children550,000 VND ($23.20)
Taxi & ParkingTo be determined if you get a flat rate or pay by mileage

Option 3: Muong Hoa Funicular + Cable Car + Fansipan Peak Funicular

You can ride all three railways to minimize walking.

Muong Hoa Funicular Round-TripCable Car Round-TripFansipan Peak Funicular Way UpFansipan Peak Funicular Way DownFansipan Peak Funicular Round-TripTotal with Fansipan Peak Funicular Way UpTotal with Fansipan Peak Funicular Way DownTotal with Fansipan Peak Funicular Round-Trip
Adults150,000 VND ($6.30)800,000 to 850,000 VND ($34 to $36)150,000 VND ($6.30)120,000 VND ($5.00)270,000 VND ($11.40)1,100,000 to 1,150,000 VND ($46.40 to $49.50)1,070,000 to 1,120,000 VND ($45 to $47.20)1,220,000 to 1,270,000 ($51.40 to $53.50)
Children150,000 VND ($6.30)550,000 VND ($23.20)150,000 VND ($6.30)120,000 VND ($5.00)270,000 VND ($11.40)850,000 VND ($35.80)820,000 VND ($34.60)970,000 VND ($40.90)

Option 4: Fansipan Cable Car + Fansipan Peak Funicular

This option is for visitors who go directly to Fansipan Cable Car Station and want to walk less.

Cable Car Round-TripFansipan Peak Funicular Way UpFansipan Peak Funicular Way DownFansipan Peak Funicular Round-TripTotal with Fansipan Peak Funicular Way UpTotal with Fansipan Peak Funicular Way DownTotal with Fansipan Peak Funicular Round-Trip
Adults800,000 to 850,000 VND ($34 to $36)150,000 VND ($6.30)120,000 VND ($5.00)270,000 VND ($11.40)950,000 to 1,000,000 VND ($40 to $42.15)920,000 to 970,000 VND ($38.80 to $40.90)1,070,000 to 1,120,000 ($45.10 to $47.20)
Children550,000 VND ($23.20)150,000 VND ($6.30)120,000 VND ($5.00)270,000 VND ($11.40)700,000 VND ($29.50)670,000 VND ($28.25)820,000 VND ($34.60)

Fansipan Funicular & Cable Car Opening Hours

Ticket Office 

7:30am to 4:00pm (Monday to Friday)

6:00am to 4:00pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Muong Hoa Funicular Station 

7:45am to 6:30pm (Monday to Friday)

6:30am to 7:30pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Cable Car

8:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday)

7:00am to 7:00pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Fansipan Peak Funicular

8:30am to 5:30pm (Monday to Friday)

7:30am to 6:30pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Things To Know for Visiting Fansipan Legend

Check the official website before you make a trip to Fansipan Legend. There is annual maintenance of the cable car and funicular. 

Since you’re at the top of the mountain, the chances of having a clear view are slim. Even if the Sapa area is sunny, things can change at higher altitudes. I went here two times and the fog rolled in so it was very cloudy. 

Bring a jacket. It gets extremely windy at the top of Fansipan. 

During winter time, there may be snow at the peak. If this happens, you’ll need to wear warm clothing. 

Walk up the stairs slowly due to the higher elevation. You’ll notice the shortness of breath as you walk up the stairs. It’s okay! Take your time to walk and enjoy the attractions in the area. It’s not a race to reach the Fansipan summit. 

Bring water. Since you’re at a higher elevation, you’ll need to stay hydrated. 

What to See at Sun World Fansipan Legend

Fansipan Flag Pole

Located at the Fansipan summit, this flagpole is 25 meters high and waves the Vietnam flag. 

This is a must-visit spot as you’ve reached the highest mountain and peak in Vietnam at 3,143 meters (10,312 feet)! 

You can snap photos of the triangle-shaped Fansipan landmarks or large Hollywood-like Fansipan signs. Since it’s a popular area to visit, there are plenty of landmarks to show your accomplishments. 

A triangular landmark that says Fansipan 3,143 meters and the Vietnam flag waving on a flagpole at Fansipan peak in Sapa, Vietnam

This Fansipan landmark is a must visit when you reach the peak at 3,143 meters high!

There are Vietnam and other countries’ flags that you can wave and use as a prop for your photos. 

For those who hike Fansipan, this is the spot to celebrate your accomplishment. It’s not easy to climb to hike through the mountain, especially with the high elevation, and then climb up hundreds of stairs to reach here. 

Check out our experience hiking Fansipan in one day here

Jackie Szeto and Justin Huynh, Life Of Doing, stand behind the Fansipan 3143 meters summit sign and hold up their Fansipan finisher's medal Mount Fansipan hike finisher's medal in front of the Fansipan summit sign in Sapa, Vietnam

Hopefully, it’s a clear day for you so you can see the mountain ranges and the aerial view from above. I went twice and it was cloudy and foggy both times so I couldn’t see anything. I’ll catch the views one of these days! 

Great Buddha Statue 

This bronze Buddha Statue is one of the major attractions to see at Sun World Fansipan Legend. 

Standing 21.5 meters (70.5 feet) high and made out of 50 tons of copper, this Buddha overlooks the Fanispan mountains at an altitude of 3,000 meters (9,843 feet). 

To see this huge bronze Buddha Statue, you’ll need to climb up a set of stairs. At the time of our visit, you could not go inside the Buddha. 

A tall bronze Buddha statue at Sun World Fansipan Legend in Sapa, Vietnam

Guanyin Statue 

You may have seen Lady Buddha’s (Guanyin) Statue in other areas of Vietnam. 

This bronze statue is an impressive 12 meters (39 feet) high and weighs 18 tons. 

She is facing the east side of the mountain while holding a small vase in her left hand and a willow branch in her right hand.  

Hai Cang Fansipan Cafe and Restaurant 

If you’re hungry, there is a restaurant on Fansipan Legend. If the weather is clear, you’ll get some amazing views of the mountains. 

For those who prefer a hot beverage to warm yourself up from the cold weather, stop by the cafe for tea and coffee. 

Rose Garden & Outdoor Flower Garden at Cable Car Station

When you return from visiting Fansipan to the Cable Car Station, stop by the outdoor rose and flower garden. It’s free to visit. 

It’s a lovely place to take Instagram-worthy photos with roses, hydrangeas, and other blooming flowers. There are also fun props such as butterfly chairs, a bird’s nest, and more. 

Blue and pink hydrangea flowers in front of a white Fansipan sign at the Fansipan Cable Car Station

The garden outside of the Cable Car Station has lovely hydrangeas, roses, and other pretty flowers

Three white ballerina statues with orange butterfly wings in front of the Hoa Hong sign at the Fansipan Cable Car Station

Van Sam Restaurant 

If you click on the Klook link above to buy tickets, you may have noticed that there is a lunch option at Van Sam Restaurant. This is a buffet-style meal so you can try a variety of Vietnamese cuisine. 

Note: This restaurant is not on Fansipan Mountain. It’s located in the same building as the Cable Car Station entrance. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you feel more comfortable understanding the differences between cable cars and funiculars and which options to ride to reach Fanispan. 

Once you reach the top, you can walk around and climb a lot of stairs to see pagodas, temples, and other spiritual attractions. 

Enjoy your time in Sapa!

If you need ideas on what to do in Sapa, check out the posts that we’ve written below.  

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