Best Pizza Spots to Try in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam + Vegetarian Options

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Two square vegetarian pizzas - Margherita and Mushroom with cheese at Oliver's Pizza, one of the best pizza spots in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Where are the best pizza places in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam? It’s a hot topic in the Foodie Facebook groups as members share their favorite spots every week. 

There are surprisingly a lot of pizza shops in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), especially in District 1 and Thao Dien (District 2). Whether you’re seeking American, Italian, or fusion versions, you’ll have plenty of options in this city. Vegetarian and vegan pizzas are easy to find as well. 

Without further ado, here is our list of where to eat pizza in Ho Chi Minh City. This isn’t a complete list as new shops open up frequently so we’ll continue to try more places and will update this post accordingly.

As you’ve seen in our other food posts, we’ve personally tried these places as we live in Ho Chi Minh for over 4 years and paid for these pizzas ourselves. Therefore, you won’t see any sponsored meals here. 

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Map of the Pizza Spots Locations in Ho Chi Minh City

Map of the Best Pizza Locations in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Click on the map to see a larger view of the pizza locations. Credit: Map data: Google

1. Pizza 4Ps

Pizza 4Ps is one of the tastiest pizza chains in Vietnam. It’s a Japanese-Italian twist to pizza. 

The background to Pizza 4Ps is that the Japanese owners originally couldn’t find mozzarella cheese in Vietnam and instead of importing it, they decided to make their own. Since 2011, the housemade cheese is produced in Dalat, about 5-6 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City by overnight sleeper bus

You can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas. A popular one is the Parma Ham with fresh burrata on top. You can have either a whole or half-size burrata and it gets cuts in front of you on arrival. 

Other unique options include soy garlic beef (sliced beef), salmon sashimi (yes, you get sashimi slices to place on top of your pizza), salmon miso cream, and seafood.  

Vegetarians have plenty of options. We love the Four Flowers Pizza (only available in Ho Chi Minh City) which has four types of flower veggies such as tonkin flowers and squash blossoms. The Eggplant Margherita and 4 or 5 Cheese pizzas are also delicious. 

Here are some helpful tips when dining at Pizza 4Ps:

Make a reservation either by calling the restaurant or through the website. Walk-ins are available during the off-hours. You will wait a long time during peak dining hours. 

Since there are many flavors offered, order a Half and Half pizza. It’s a great way to try new flavors, especially if you have a large group. 

A dash of chili oil is recommended on your pizza. It’s very spicy! Be careful and not pour too much or your stomach will churn and transform into an inferno. 

Insider Tip: Take 1 chewable Pepto Bismol before the meal if you plan to use a lot of chili oil.

Besides pizzas, pastas are also recommended here. We love the crab tomato cream pasta with ricotta cheese and the clam and basil spaghetti. 

Half seafood and half anchovies with small burrata cheese at Pizza 4Ps in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Half seafood and half anchovies with small burrata cheese

Addresses: Multiple locations around Ho Chi Minh City in District 1, District 2, District 3, District 7, District 11, Binh Thanh, and Thu Duc. Check out the Ho Chi Minh City locations here. Other locations in Vietnam are located in Danang, Nha Trang, Hanoi, and Hai Phong. 

Average Prices: 150,000-290,000 VND ($6.55-$12.70)

More information: Menu on Website / Facebook 

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2. Pizza Reale

Pizza Reale is one of the best pizza places in Ho Chi Minh City. They offer Italian-style pizzas with fluffy dough and high-quality toppings. 

We usually order directly from Pizza Reale as they have their own drivers and the pizzas arrive at our apartment in 30 minutes after placing an order. We live about 10 minutes away by motorbike from the District 2 location so the Pizza Reale team is fast!

There are a lot of pizzas to choose from and the menu changes every so often. We love trying a variety of toppings such as the La Delicata (prawns with pesto sauce and stracciatella cheese), Romana (olives and anchovies), and Frutti di mare (seafood pizza). We also tried the Diavola Reale which has spicy salami. (There is a hint of heat from the salami but nothing too fiery.)

Pizza Reale caters to vegetarian and vegan diners. Vegetarian pizzas include The Margherita, Vegetariana, and 5 Formaggi (5 cheeses – mozzarella, pecorino, taleggio, gorgonzola, provola) with honey on the side. There are at least four vegan pizzas on the menu. Fresh tofu is used as a substitute for cheese and the pizza sauce is creamed pumpkin or tomato. 

A vegetarian pizza with zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, and potato cubes from Pizza Reale in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Besides the meat pizzas, Pizza Reale offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan pizzas.


  • District 1 Location: 7D Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, District 1
  • Thao Dien Location: 27-29 Nguyễn Đăng Giai, Thảo Điền, District 2

Average Prices: 120,000-300,000 VND ($5.20-$13.00) 

More information: Facebook  

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3. Brick & Barrel

Brick and Barrel is a new restaurant that offers a variety of food from burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas. They share the space with other restaurants, BokBok (chicken) and Con Bò Mập (burgers).

We’ve only tried the pizzas and had them delivered to our apartment. We can say that the pizzas are delicious and the toppings held up during the delivery.

One of the spiciest pizzas that you need to try is the El Diablo. It has layers of Thai bird eyes chili (these are hidden under the cheese!), spicy pepperoni, chili powder, and a tomato sauce with scorpion chili sauce (and maybe some ghost peppers and habanero since it’s so SPICY).

After the first bite, you’ll taste the burning on your lips, tongue, down your throat, and eventually in your stomach. It’ll be a fierce battle in your stomach. We can only eat about 2-3 slices with lots of breaks in between. 

Tip: As mentioned earlier, eat a chewable Pepto Bismol if you’re afraid of an upset stomach. 

The Margherita is also delicious. You can add additional toppings to customize it further. We added sliced mushrooms for more umami flavor. 

If you’re a vegetarian, other vegetarian pizzas are Four Cheese and Vegetarian. We haven’t tried these yet, so they’ll be on our list on a future visit. 

Two pizzas delivered from Brick & Barrel - first one is a spicy pizza with pepperoni and the second one is a Margherita with mushroom

Brick & Barrel has delicious pizzas to try on your next visit.

Address: 171 Calmette, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, District 1

Average Prices for Pizza: 115,000-170,000 VND ($5.00-$7.40)

More information: Facebook 

4. Oliver’s Pizza

Located in Binh Thanh District, Oliver’s Pizza offers Italian-style Al Taglio style pizza. If you’re bored of eating triangular-shaped pizza, then try the rectangular pizzas here. 

The pizzas are gorgeously displayed on the rectangular trays so you can pick 1-2 or more to eat either dine-in or for takeaway. (Two rectangular slices are more than enough for one person as each slice is cut into 3 pieces.) This is a cozy dining place and the owners are friendly. 

As with the pizza choices, choose from the daily offerings of Margherita, 4 Formaggi (mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, and ricotta), Funghi (mushroom), Regina (mushroom and thinly sliced coppa ham), and Spicy Salami. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices as high-quality toppings are used. Plus, it’s great that there are a few vegetarian pizzas here

The pizzas are toasted in the oven so the crust is slightly crispy. Plus, the pizzas are delicious when they’re warm. 

Once you try this place, you may want to order it weekly! 

Two square pizzas - spicy salami and mushroom and coppa ham - and a bottle of Coca-Cola from Oliver's Pizza in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

You can’t go wrong with any of the pizza choices at Oliver’s Pizza.

Address: Hẻm 85 Phạm Viết Chánh, Phường 19, Bình Thạnh

Average Prices: 60,000 VND ($2.60) per rectangle 

More information: Facebook

5. Pendolasco

Since 1998, Pendolasco has been a well-established Italian restaurant in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s Thao Dien area in District 2. The restaurant offers a variety of foods from pizzas, homemade pasta, risotto, sandwiches, and special dishes. 

We’re a fan of the Frutti pescatore (seafood with cheese) and Margherita pizzas. The seafood pizza has tons of seafood on top from oysters, squid, clams, and shrimp. If you prefer to not have cheese on the seafood pizza, then you can order the Frutti di mare.  

If you dine here, you get a basket of bread (yay for more carbs!) 

Address: 30 Tống Hữu Định, Thảo Điền, District 2

Average Prices for Pizza: 140,000-300,000 VND ($6.15-$13.00)

More information: Menu on Website / Facebook 

6. En’s Kitchen

We found a new place to order pizza! En’s Kitchen offers a variety of pizzas, including vegetarian and vegan, that you can enjoy at home. At the moment, this place is only available for delivery. 

The meat toppings include pepperoni, salami, bacon and ham, mushroom and chicken, seafood, and chicken teriyaki. 

The seafood pizza comes with red sauce and is topped with squid and shrimp. Plus, it’s is delicious. 

We love the vegetarian mushroom and spinach pizza. It also comes with roasted garlic which gives the flavor an extra punch. 

There are three vegan options available – eggplant pizza, vegan sausage pizza, and sundried tomato with veggies. We’ve tried the vegan sausage one before. 

We enjoy the flavors as it has the right amount of toppings. Plus, the crust is soft and not overcooked.

Pizzas from En's Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh City. Front has spinach and mushroom and pizza in back has seafood topping.

Try these two pizzas from En’s Kitchen – spinach and mushroom (front) and seafood pizza (back)

Address: 81/5 Võ Duy Ninh, Phường 22, Bình Thạnh District

Average Prices for Pizza: 125,000-170,000 VND ($5.50-$7.50)

More information: Facebook

Pizza Places On the List

Since we haven’t tried the American-style pizzas, here are a few places that are on our list:

  • Capone Chicago Deep Dish – This place is known for authentic Chicago deep-dish style pizza. Since the pizzas are thicker, it tends to take a longer time to cook. 
  • Jimmy’s New York Pizza – People love the New York-style pizzas here. We can’t wait to try them. The classic flavors include 4 Meat, Pepperoni, Sausage, and Vegetarian. Unique flavors include Seafood and BBQ Chicken.
  • Paper Plate Pizza – This is another popular place to try New York-style pizzas. You can buy slices or whole pizzas. There are traditional toppings and creative ones such as Breakfast Pizza and BBQ Crispy Fried Chicken Pizza. 

Which of these pizza places do you want to try in Ho Chi Minh City? We hope that you can try at least one of the places during your Ho Chi Minh City travels. 

If you have questions about any of the pizza restaurants, let us know in the comments below. 

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